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Security Fencing

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Showing 1 - 20 of 381 products
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Buy Permanent Security Fencing

Security Fencing

Our broad range of security fencing is designed for a permanent safety measure. Once installed, all of our security fencing items are highly durable and are fit to suit various weather conditions.

All panels and gates are finished using high quality galvanised steel as well as having a selection of Powder coating options, to suit standard requirements and any public-facing security needs.

Palisade Fencing

Starting at 1.8m our Palisade fencing is a popular choice for high-level security needs. It's robust stature and ‘W’ section pales are designed to provide a high level of stability. This is due to the pale design as it makes the panels difficult to grip and therefore climb as well as providing an intimidating security fencing system.

We have a choice of palisade posts and pales to suit your needs. We supply our dig in and bolt down posts as a kit or individually. Our intention by selling the posts separately is that should your existing posts become damaged, you can easily replace them without having to replace the whole fencing bay. Our pales are supplied in a choice of triple pointed, round and notched or single point ends. All of which are popular palisade pales and aid the visible secure fencing line.

Don’t forget to look through our range of accessories that are specifically designed for palisade fencing systems. This selection includes fishplates, cement and bolt packs to aid your installation.

Palisade Gates

In order to create easy access points to your site, we supply a range of palisade gates to suit the panel heights. This includes pedestrian-only access gates and vehicle access gates as well as a double and single leaf. We hope to provide you with a wide selection so you can purchase the correct security system for your site. Our palisade gate heights start at 1.8m with the widths ranging from 1.2m up to 10m, however, we can supply manual sliding gates as well as automatic sliding gates and automatic bi-folding gates to fit your palisade system.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is one of our most versatile security fencing systems, this is due to the wide selection in mesh types. Mesh is an aesthetically pleasing security method that can be used on more public-facing and commercial projects.

When installing your fencing system, be sure to use the correct accessories. This includes torque bits, cement and mesh fencing clips.

'V' Mesh

‘V’ mesh fencing is highly durable and the ‘V’ shape makes it very difficult to climb. However, this type of mesh does provide a good level of visibility through the mesh itself, meaning that the outside perimeter can be viewed from within the fence line and vice versa.

Twin Mesh

Twin mesh fencing is available in two varieties, 656 and 868 mesh. Both varieties are made using pressed vertical wires, 656 is made up of 5mm vertical steel wires that are pressed between two 6mm horizontal wires whereas, 868 mesh is 6mm vertical steel wires that pressed between 8mm horizontal wires.

Both of these twin wire mesh systems are designed to make it difficult to be cut through, whilst the narrow spaces in the mesh make climbing on the fencing very difficult due to the lack of space to grip onto.

Prison Mesh

Also known as 358 mesh, this particular mesh fencing system is designed to be highly robust with intimidating apparel and small apertures to prevent anyone from climbing over the fencing system. This fencing system is incredibly strong, it is designed so it cannot be cut through, however, you will be able to secure a CCTV system to the panels if you require it.

Safe Top Mesh

Safe top is designed for low to medium security needs as it has no sharp edges or pointed pales to be used around more pedestrianised areas, such as schools, play areas and retail buildings.

With this in mind, the safe top mesh is still a secure fencing system with small gaps within the mesh to prevent unauthorised personnel from climbing it.


We can supply pedestrian, single leaf and double leaf gates that will suit our selection of mesh fencing systems. Making it safe and easier for you to create a clear access area. These gates can easily be locked using a heavy-duty padlock for additional security.


Railings are a popular choice for many pedestrian facing locations such as schools, play areas and housing.

Do not forget to secure your railing systems with the correct accessories, including, cleats, post caps and railing supports.

Bow Top

Ranging from heights of 0.9m to 2.4m, these railings are a versatile security choice. Our bow top railing systems are available in standard of self-raking bow top. Both of these railing types can be installed at 45-degree angles, meaning that they can go around corners safely.

Vertical Bar

The vertical bar railings are designed to be extremely hard to damage or vandalise, however they are less intimidating in comparison to other security fencing systems.

They can easily be installed on level or sloping ground, allowing for a secure fencing system on all grounds. Starting at 1.0m and reaching 2.4m in height, this railing system is a popular choice for housing developments.

Ball Top

The Ball Top railings are similar to the vertical railings; however, they feature a welded steel ball on the top of each infill bar. This is added to increase the aesthetic of the fence line. Making them a popular choice on a wide range of domestic installations.

Railing Gates

We have railing gates to fit both bow top and vertical bar, for ball top we recommend using vertical bar gates, but you can also use bow top. Our gates range from pedestrian to single and double leaf gates, offering you the ability to choose a gate that will best suit your needs.

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