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We are able to supply a huge range of different gates and barriers for any application. This includes gates to suit security fencing, e.g. Palisade, Mesh and Railings. Barrier ranges include raise arm barriers, swing car park barriers and turnstiles. If a wide gate is required, but space is in short supply we can also supply sliding and bifold gates, with an automated operation available.

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Special and Custom Gates

Special & Custom Gates


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Fencing & Railing Gates

    Mesh Gates

Mesh gates are ideal for allowing access in mesh systems. Mesh Gates are available in a choice of either Prison or Twin Mesh Gates, which are compatible with all types of mesh fencing. To suit all mesh systems and site requirements.

    Palisade Gates

Palisade gates are ideal for allowing access in palisade systems. palisade gates are available in variety heights and widths, and are also manufactured in single leaf and double leaf varieties. To suit all palisade systems.

    Railing Gates

Railing gates are ideal for allowing access in railing systems. Railing gates are available in both Bow Top and Vertical Bar and compatible for Standard Railings and Self-Raking Railings. To suit all railing types and your site requirements.


    Car Park Barriers

Swing car park barriers are an ideal solution for providing security and restricting access in private car parks and unauthorised areas. Swing car park barriers are available as both single and double leaf gates. Simple lockable latch on the posts allows for the gate to be locked in an open or closed position with a padlock to prevent damage to vehicles or injury to pedestrians.

    Manual Raise Arm Barriers

Manual Raise arm barriers are commonly used for access points within car parks and are ideal when traffic can flow freely during certain times, for example when a public car park is open throughout the day and closes at night as the barrier is simple to lock in the open or closed position. These barriers are A cost effective and low-maintenance solution, it is designed to resist rust and weather damage, due to it’s construction from aluminium.

    Automatic Barriers

Automatic raise arm Barriers providing automated and secure access to cars and HGVs entering your site. Easy to install and with a low maintenance design, this barrier is ideal for a wide range of locations. Access control equipment can be added for added security.


Turnstiles are built to a high-level specification and can be installed in a wide range of locations, such as; theme parks, public buildings, stadiums and health clubs. Manufactured using Stainless Steel and Aluminium rust-free materials, turnstiles are low maintenance and can be configurable to allow single direction or bi-directional rotation compatible with access control equipment for both directions to suit your requirements. Safety systems are included within the design to ensure the impossibility of getting stuck within the turnstile.

Specialist Gates

    Manual Sliding Gates

Manual Sliding Gate are very easy to use and are extremely reliable making them an ideal solution for locations which have limited space to open the gate and is a popular choice for securing commercial premises. By installing a Manual Sliding Gate, you will be able to successfully control and monitor access to your private property.

    Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic Sliding Gates are designed for permanent use and ideal for high security sites and private property which require a reliable gate system to control and monitor access. The sliding gate is suitable for property entrances which do not have a large space for gate opening. Automatic gates are available with Palisade (triple pointed, w section), Mesh (656, 868 and 358) and Railing infills to suit your fencing system.

    Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-folding Speed gates are made from steel and are powder coated for rust and damage prevention plus enhanced visibility. The Bi-folding Gate allows you to monitor access to your site, as well as keeping your premises secure. The bi-fold gate operates at a higher speed than traditional Swing Gates and are Ideal for providing access to vehicular traffic.

    Custom Gates

We are also able to provide a custom manufactured gate in a range of styles to suit your requirements, this service is available through our sales line. Howeve, If you require further information on our manufacturing service, click the link below: