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Temporary Security Fencing Accessories

When installing a Temporary Fencing system, it is important that the right accessories are used to ensure a safe, stable and secure fencing structure. Plastic Temporary Fencing Feet and steel Couplers are an essential requirement, whereas accessories such as Ant-Lift Devices and Debris Netting are optional extras that are useful for increasing the functionality of a Temporary Security Fencing system.

It is important for Temporary Fencing systems to comply with various health and safety standards, so it is often a good idea to consider factors that may affect its construction. The surrounding environment or ground on which it will stand can often affect the security or stability of Temporary Fencing and we offer a range of high-quality accessories to meet your system requirements.

Really Useful

Temporary Fencing will definitely require


Thermoplastic Feet provide a strong sturdy base for fencing.


A Coupler sometimes referred to as a Coupling, secures panels together.

You can also enhance the strength of your temporary fencing system by attaching additional fixings. These are not crucial; however, they provide a great amount of security which will give extra you peace of mind knowing that your premises and property are as safe as possible. These include;


An Anti-Tamper Coupler can only be undone using an Anti-Tamper Coupler Spanner.


An Anti-Lift Device prohibits any movement or tampering of your system.


A Stabilising Support Bar (or Backstay) offers extra support when erecting temporary fencing on sloped or uneven ground.
On concrete, this should be used with a Stabilising Block Tray stacked with Thermoplastic Feet.


A Stabilising Pin can be used to secure Stabilising Bars into the ground


Debris Netting and Flame Retardant Debris Netting are useful for protecting construction workers and pedestrians from debris and dust.

High-Security Products

All of the Temporary Fencing Accessories that we offer to provide a substantial amount of security. Nevertheless, there are several products that are designed for a specific function, where they will almost certainly prevent weakness within a temporary fencing structure and make damage and tampering very difficult.

  • Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing Panels are similar to Standard Temporary Fencing Panels, in that they feature a square top design and provide safety, protection and security to your site. However, the significant aspect of Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing Panels lies in the construction of its mesh, which contains narrower gaps than standard panels. The purpose of this is to make fitting hands and feet extremely difficult and help eliminate opportunities for climbing.
  • An Anti-Tamper Coupler is used to join together two temporary fencing panels within a system; just like a standard Coupler. The difference, however, is that this Anti-Tamper Coupler is significantly more secure as the bolt sits snugly in a socket situated within the Coupler, where the bolt can only be tightened and removed using an Anti-Tamper Spanner. This means that your system will remain intact, even if prospective intruders have attempted to tamper with it.
  • Using an Anti-Lift Device for Temporary Fencing can really increase the security of your temporary fencing system. Designed principally as a theft deterrent, this device stops temporary fencing from being lifted or taken apart, so the structure’s stability will be unaffected by movement.
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