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Standard Railing Ranges

Standard Range

Slightly thinner in diameter compared to the bars in our Self-Raking range, the infill bars on our Standard range are made from solid steel and are designed to be stepped if constructed on sloped ground. Both Vertical Bar and Bow Top Railing bays and gates are available within the Standard Range.

We offer Bolt Down Posts and Dig-In Posts for this range, so your system can be erected on hard or soft ground types – you will just need to ensure that you employ compatible posts.

Style Suitability

Our Bow Top Railings are designed to be both safe and attractive. Each bar is moulded to feature a rounded or hooped top, so the Railing system does not contain any sharp or potentially harmful edges. Their safe construction means that they are often a popular option for public and residential areas.

Vertical Bar Railings are also designed to be safe; however the difference being that unlike Bow Top Railings, they feature bars which have square-cut tops. The shape and position of the bars also make the Railing system difficult to climb over, which will effectively help to prevent people from gaining unauthorised access to your site.

Railings & Gates – Completing your system

In order to provide an access point within your Standard Railings system, you will need to install a Standard Gate for full compatibility. Installing a gate within your Railings structure will also allow you to provide security to your site.

We supply Pedestrian, Single Leaf and Double Leaf Gates in a range of widths and heights, so whether you need to provide pedestrian or vehicle access, you are sure to find the right gate that meets your requirements.