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Vertical Bar Railings

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Vertical Bar Railings

Vertical bar security fencing is designed to be extremely hard to damage and vandalise whilst being less intimidating and dangerous than palisade fencing. It provides a fantastic level of security and is perfect for both industrial and domestic estates. Our vertical bar fencing is self raking. This removes the need to step your fence down inclines and provides a much cleaner finish to your fencing system. It is also available in any of the standard RAL colours for no extra charge giving a unique aesthetic appeal.

Protective coating

As standard our vertical bar fencing is first galvanised and then polyester powder coated. This double protective layer helps to ensure that your fence is capable of lasting many years of exposure to the elements.

All of our vertical top rails are constructed from a flat plane before being manfactured into a round hollow bar. 

Standard Vs Self-Raking

Standard VerticalBar Railings and Standard Vertical Bar Railings contain solid railing bars which are welded to the bottom bar of the panel. Standard Railings can be erected on level or sloping ground, however the railing panels will need to be stepped if installed on sloping ground as they cannot be adjusted.