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Steel Tubes

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What you need to know about Steel Tubes

You will notice key clamp tubes are used for both handrail and guardrail structures and they are found in many different places. Examples can include railing on wheelchair access ramps (handrailing) and balconies (guardrailing).

Size Is Important

There are various tube sizes available for each type of construction. As each structure has a different function, it is important to think about whether it will be load bearing so that you can choose the correct tubing. As the size of the tube increases, so will the weight of it. It is also important to check if the structure will need to meet any legal standards. Tubes can be purchased at different lengths and can be cut to your required size.

Easy To Assemble

The tubes are designed to be easily fitted together without the use of any special tools or machinery the screws just need to be secured with a Hex Key. Key clamp fittings are used to fit the tubes together and these will depend on which tubes are being used. They also enable the tubes to connect in different directions for example, to create corners of 30° to 165° angles.

Key Clamp Finish

The metal tubes are galvanised with a zinc coating to help minimise rusting on the product. Polyester Powder Coating is available for tubes. They make tubes more aesthetically pleasing with bright colours and a glossy finish. With Polyester Powder Coating, a solvent is not needed for its production, unlike liquid paint. It is designed to withstand the effects of weathering and erosion.

Key Clamp Size Tube Diameter (mm for Outer Diameter) Nominal Bore (mm)
5 26.9 20
6 33.7 25
7 42.4 32
8 48.3 40

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