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Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing

02 November 2016Appears in Products
Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing a great time to invest in your site security Our Palisade Fencing prices are now even lower than before

Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing a great time to invest in your site security

Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing a great time to invest in your site security Our Palisade Fencing prices are now even lower than before which means that we can offer you one of the most robust Security Fencing solutions, at a highly competitive price. Dependable site security is a must-have for any commercial, industrial or public building and with so many solutions available on the market today, it is important to choose the fencing system which meets your requirements best.

Is Palisade Fencing the right solution for your site?

Palisade Fencing is perhaps the most traditional form of Security Fencing. Used to protect outdoor locations all over the world, it offers an intimidating appearance and tough design, which effectively advises people that the site should not be accessed by those who are not authorised to do so. Originating from Roman times, Palisade Fencing was constructed to protect armies from enemy attack and then to help guard castles before permanent walls were built. Back then, Palisades were made from wood or tree trunks which had been sharpened at the top and although there has been much development over the years, this unique design feature has remained, as the sharp spikes are still incorporated into our present steel version. Here at First Fence, we offer Palisade Fencing which has been made from high quality steel and offers a range of excellent benefits. Firstly, it is manufactured from cold rolled steel, which means that no heat is involved during this process. It is also lighter in weight, yet still very strong.

The steel is also galvanised with a zinc coating and this helps to prevent rust developing over time, and ultimately increases the longevity of the system. Our Palisade Fencing has a unique w shape profile which means the pales possess a thinner middle section, with thicker edges that curve inwards. Not only does this increase the strength of the system, but it also makes the fencing difficult to grip or climb.

Generally the most recognisable feature of the Palisade system, the three points/spikes which are cut into the top of each pale work as an effective deterrent for potential intruders thinking of breaking into your site. The triple pointed pales are harmful if scaled and the small barbs sitting on the top rail of the fencing will also threaten to cause harm if crossed. We also offer single pointed and round and notched pales.

Providing the Palisade's stability is the anti-tamper fixings and steel Posts. Fixings are designed so that the end of the bolts snap off once secured, in order to prevent them from being removed. We offer both Bolt Down and Dig-In Palisade Posts so no matter where you install your Palisade Security Fencing system, it will maintain a sturdy and reliable structure. For extra steel protection or for a brighter appearance, you can also request to have your Palisade Security Fencing powder coated in a range of standard RAL colours.

Palisade Fencing is an extremely popular Security Fencing system which will provide your site with a defensive boundary to help prevent intrusion, damage and theft. You will often see Palisade Fencing guarding a range of locations and they can often be found protecting industrial sites, commercial buildings, schools, railway stations, agricultural areas, museums and high security buildings. We offer Palisade Fencing in 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3.0m heights. We also offer a selection of Palisade Gates which are perfect for providing pedestrian or vehicle access.

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