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Water Filled Barriers

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Buy Water Filled Barriers

Waterfilled Barriers

Water Filled Barriers are robust plastic barriers which offer great strength, as well as a high level of visibility. Plastic Water-Filled Barriers are designed to provide safety and separation in areas where there is vehicle traffic. By assembling a Water Filled Barrier, you can help provide pedestrian traffic with protection from vehicles, plus slow-moving objects which may cause damage or harm.

Our plastic Water Filled Barriers function as effective road barriers and provide a sturdy and reliable safety barrier system which can be used on a temporary basis. The plastic barriers are easy to assemble and should be filled with the appropriate amount of water to weigh them down.

At First Fence, we offer a variety of Water Filled Barriers which are available in red and white colours for excellent visibility. All completely reusable, these plastic barriers offer great safety and protection and are extremely durable.

We are able to offer the barriers in a range of sizes and styles spanning from the foldable and compact Alphabloc barriers as well as heavy-duty GB2 barriers. The diversity within the barriers that we supply to allow you choose the right barrier system for your project requirements.

We also have ex-hire Waterfilled barriers at a cheaper rate if you are interested in purchasing a barrier system on a budget. We are also able to offer our waterfilled barriers for hire instead of purchasing them. This is often the best option if you are only using the barriers for one project and are limited with storage space.

If you have any questions regarding our waterfilled barrier range, please do not hesitate to contact us.