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Safety Barriers

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Showing 1 - 20 of 46 products
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Safety Barriers

In todays very safety conscious world, safety barriers of all kinds are paramount to a legal and safe working environment. It may seem obvious that the main usage of the safety barrier is to prevent a means of access to a potentially dangerous area by staff or members of the public.

However another essential usage for safety barriers is to mitigate risk of accident and injury at potential hazards. This is something all contractors, builders and constructors should be very aware of.

Here at First Fence we hold a vast array of different types of Plastic Safety Barriers from Water filled Safety Barriers to Collapsible Pedestrian Barriers and One Piece Pedestrian Safety Barriers. All of these safety barriers are very familiar to us and can be seen up and down the length of the UK and beyond.

The collapsible/folding pedestrian safety barrier is possibly the most familiar safety barrier as it is very often used on public pathways and pavements. A very recognisable sight around small road works the folding pedestrian barrier.

The collapsible safety barriers come in various shapes and styles with probably the most familiar being the Vim plastic barrier. To view the various types of collapsible barriers please click here.

Chapter 8 Pedestrian Barriers

At First Fence our one piece pedestrian barriers are all fully compliant with chapter eight legislation and regulations. This means that all of our Pedestrian barriers carry a high visibility and robust finish.

As all of our pedestrian barriers comply with Chapter Eight regulations they are therefore perfect on or off road usage. They all provide a very high visibility level and sturdy positioning.

Our Plastic Security Barriers are either expandable or fully collapsible. This makes all plastic barriers very quick to deploy and remove when the operation is completed.

Ideal for working on roads where constant moving of the work area is necessary

Crowd Control Barriers

We offer a wide range of Crowd Barriers to suit all needs, including Galvanised steel barriers to Plastic Crowd Barriers versions.

The Plastic Crowd Barriers are lightweight and again are easy to deploy, they are mainly used around road works and present a high visibility solution.

The metal fixed leg crowd control barriers are very suited to long term usage where crowd control is needed for a long period of time.

We suggest that the loose leg crowd control barrier is much more suited to events of shorter length where they can be deployed and removed for re-use or storage very quickly.

For use on walkways and paths we have the Plastic Safety Net ideal for areas of queuing at events and other temporary venues.

Water Filled Barriers

Becoming a very popular version of the road side pedestrian and vehicle crash barriers our water filled barriers are extremely versatile and reliable.

Being extremely stable our water filled security barriers offer a speedy deployment but with a higher degree of protection and stability. If you are working in an area of high cross winds a water filled system maybe the perfect solution.

Plastic Barrier Accessories

We carry a full range of plastic barrier accessories for replacement parts and for extra add-ons to you plastic barrier system.

With a range of replacement feet for our Standard Avalon pedestrian barriers, Replacement mesh panels for StrongFence Barriers and various couplings and barrier clips, you can rest assured we can keep you fence standing proud and tall.

If in doubt why not request a call back 01283 512 111

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