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Armco Open Box Beam

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Armco Open Box Beam

The Armco open box beam is considered to be the strongest traffic and pedestrian segregation range in the UK. It is the perfect choice for use in areas such as loading bays and delivery zones. They are ideal for use in areas where there is often a lot of heavy traffic. Like the rest of the Armco system, the box beam is very simple to fit. It requires a special plate to join the beams together. To secure a post to the beam, one post bolt is required to secure it and only 6 lapbolts at each join.

The box beams are manufactured using galvanised steel, however we have other finish options available. These beams have added protection if they have a powder coated finish but also meaning that you can chose whether to have yellow or black coloured box beams. This is very useful if you already have an existing barrier system in a particular colour finish or if you need to increase the overall visibility of your safety barrier system.

The beams are available at 4.8m in length and are sold with a galvanised steel finish as standard. However, if you did require a specific colour on your powder coated finish, lead times may apply so please do not hesitate to contact us for a more accurate availability estimate.

We also have plastic end caps available that allow you to trust that the beams are not only secured into position but also protects passing pedestrians from injuring themselves on the galvanised steel finish.