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Armco Safety Barriers

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Buy Armco Barrier System

Armco Barrier

Armco Barriers provide a high-quality steel safety barrier system and are often known as Armco Safety Barriers or Armco Crash Barriers. Installed in locations throughout the UK, Armco Barriers provide a permanent barrier system which will help reduce the amount of damage caused as a result of impact or collision.

Armco is made from steel which been galvanised with a layer of zinc to help protect the Armco Barrier system from rusting over time. Armco offers a high level of strength and is very robust, meaning it is able to endure heavy impact. The steel Armco Barriers are a popular choice of permanent safety barrier throughout the UK, and are often installed in car parks, industrial estates, agricultural areas and delivery bays where they function as a crash barrier.

The installation of Armco Barriers will increase the level of safety within the area and will help to protect pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings from the damage which may be caused by a collision.

First Fence offer Armco Barrier systems with a standard galvanised finish, however, a polyester powder coated finish may also be requested if your Armco Barrier needs to be more visible. Polyester Powder Coating will also provide Armco with extra protection from weathering and damage, which may affect the appearance of the Armco Barrier over time.

Armco Barriers are made from corrugated steel which provides them with great strength. Armco Safety Barriers are also available in 1.6m and 3.2m lengths. At First Fence, we offer a range of steel Armco Posts in a range of heights and in RSJ and Z styles. Armco Posts are available in dig-in and bolt down varieties. We also offer a selection of Spring steel Armco Posts, so you will be able to choose the correct posts to meet the structural requirements of your Armco Barrier system.

Armco Open Box Beam is also available from First Fence. Made from robust galvanised steel, Armco Open Box Beams is a stronger alternative to Armco Barriers and is ideal for areas that are likely to see high levels of traffic on a regular basis.

Corrugated Armco Rail

Armco Rails or beams are made from high quality galvanised steel and are corrugated for extra strength. Armco Rails form the main section of an Armco Barrier system and are very easy to install.

Designed to provide safety, protection, and separation, Armco Barriers are very strong and meet the BS EN 10025 grade S275 standard for steel.

Armco Rails/Beams can also be powder coated several colors to provide the Armco Barrier system with a higher level of visibility and to increase the Armco’s resilience to damage and weathering.

Armco ‘Z’ style dig-in post

The Armco posts are not only designed to be capable of taking high impact collisions but are also made to be extremely stable when concreted into the ground. They are then attached to two overlapped Armco beams that make the complete system very strong.