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Equestrian Fencing

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Why Choose First Fence for Your Horse Fence Needs?

Keeping our pets safe and secure is the number one priority for any pet owner. Horses we worry about even more, due to the large financial outlay associated with buying one. Enter First Fence! Our equestrian fencing is a high tensile equine fencing system, compliant to BS EN 10223-5/10244-2. This means that all of our equestrian fencing is built with your horse’s safety in mind. The distance between the vertical wires are spaced to prevent horses and ponies getting their hooves stuck.

The high tensile fencing is stronger and more effective than mild steel. This means that our horse fence can be installed tighter and at a higher tension. This means that fewer posts are needed to secure your area, reducing your lifetime cost.

If you require any more information on our fencing (both permanent and temporary horse fencing), or any of our other products and services related to agriculture fencing such as our rabbit or badger fencing, please contact us on 01283 512111 to speak to one of our sales team today.