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Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic Barriers are perfect for areas that require a reduction in noise pollution, such as construction sites that are situated in built-up areas. They are designed to hook simply onto the top of any sized Temporary Fencing Panel. Our current range of Acoustic Barriers presents a high-quality product that is very effective at reducing noise. We currently stock the Echo H4 Acoustic Barrier and the Noise Defender.

The barriers are made out of high-quality PVC and both measure at 2050mm by 1335mm, meaning that three of the barriers fit onto one panel of Temporary Fencing.


The Echo H8 is the highest quality Acoustic Barrier available. It is extremely durable and is made from high-quality PVC, as well as several layers of acoustic cancelling technology including a weatherproof membrane and a reinforced durable mesh. As well as this it is an acoustic absorption material made entirely from recycled material, meaning that it is completely biodegradable.

The Echo H8 reduces noise by up to 40.6dB and 96% of sounds, also, tests have proven 100% of the sound of up to 500Hz is absorbed. The H4 is fire, water and dust resistant, making it extremely effective and highly durable for any site. Adding to this, the H4 is fitted with reflective strips in order to add visibility so that your fences are safer for a work site.

Noise Defender

Noise Defender Barriers are designed to reduce noise pollution by up to 33dB, absorbing 97% of other sounds. The Noise Defender is also fitted with reflective strips and hazard warning signs to add to the overall safety of the fence and your site.

All of the materials made in the production of the Noise Defender are fire resistant to B1 and it comes in blue as standard, with other colours available upon request through our 24-hour sales line.


Acoustic Barriers are simple to install and require a fitting kit. A fitting kit includes the hooks and clips required for an install that is 70% faster to install than other barriers.

To install you simply hook the barrier onto the top of any sized Temporary Fencing Panel then use the clips provided to clip the barrier onto the back of the fence.

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