Self Raking Range

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Self Raking Range

Self-Raking Range

This type of railing system is given the term ‘Heavy-Duty’ because of its construction. These railings differ from our Standard Railings Range as they feature railing bars which are hollow and thicker in diameter overall.

Self-Raking Railings offer a great deal of flexibility as they do not need to be stepped if erected on sloped ground. The design allows the railings to align themselves with the angle of ground sloping up to 20°. This feature not only makes the railings more aesthetically pleasing, but also as there is no space below the bay this prevents a potential intruder gaining access.

Possessing a more heavy duty construction, our Self-Raking Railings are most suitable for areas requiring greater security, as they offer a stronger and more robust system. These Railings also offer great versatility as they can be constructed on a variety of ground types. We offer Bolt Down Posts for hard ground and Dig-In Posts for softer ground.

Style Suitability

Bow Top Railings consist of rounded tops which make the system suitable for areas often visited by members of the public, as they are extremely safe. These rounded tops also make the railings aesthetically pleasing.

Vertical Bar Railings also possess a safe construction as they contain square-cut railings which do not have any sharp edges or points. Therefore they are an ideal choice for both public and domestic locations.

Railings & Gates – Completing your system

If your railing system requires a point of entry for pedestrians and vehicles, you can choose from a selection of Bow Top and Vertical Bar Railing Gates which are compatible with our Self-Raking systems. In addition to providing site access, the installation of a gate will enable you to secure your site and help protect it from intrusion when it is not in use.

Our Gates are available in a Pedestrian, Single Leaf or Double Leaf style and in a range of widths.

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